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    Tomorrow sees the start of the CL and we have to go to France for our first game against Giroud's old club.

    We thought we had a poor start to the season, well they have lost three and drawn one. They lost 3-1 to newly promoted Reims on Friday with a defensive line up that by all accounts put on a pub club display.

    Time for another rout? Time for Giroud to put his marker down?

    2 - 0 To Arsenal

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    • i rest my case

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    • It would be nice for Giroud to get of the mark. His ability to freeze in the key moments is becoming a worry. The sooner he scores the better for his confidence, although I think the real relief will come for him if he scores in the PL.

      I go for a 4-0 victory ( the 0 because Manone will be in goal)

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      • Shame it didn't happen for him Mar. They gave him a good reception though tbf.

        2-1 it was and another win under their belts. Gervinho has found a bit of confidence following his MOTM performance at the weekend, though Mertesacker was decidedly shaky in defence again.

        More enjoyable was seeing City lose, getting the wind knocked out of their sails right at the end of the game. Lets hope it puts them on a downer ahead of our game on Sunday.

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    • I see Montpellier are struggling, I presume they lost a number of players in the summer or was Giroud their lynch pin last season.

      I can see your lot winning by a cricket score.

      Any team that has to rely on Jon Utaka is in dire straights.

      Good luck in your attempts to talk football, I fear you are fighting an uphill battle.

      COYS! Bring on Lazio!

    • It's not for the lack of trying Joe.

      I put up football related posts, but pretty much all the decent posters have gone now.

      All that's left are the trolls and all they spout is puerile nonsense.

      Giroud will hopefully play tomorrow. Montpellier are not playing well, and Giroud knows the players. I am pretty confident he will get off the mark tomorrow night.

    • heh

      4 ratings. 1*

      ....for a post supporting the club this part of the forum supposedly supports?

      Says all you need to know about the small minded trolls that have now settled here.