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  • Operating Profit - £32.3m

    Player Trading Profit - £26m

    Group profit before tax - £36.6m

    Cash & Bank Balances - £153.6m

    Group Debt - £98.9m

    FFP Rules well and truly met.

    Now for some silverware please!

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    • I'm no Chelsea fan but from an English point of view it was nice to see yet another English name on Europe's top trophy.......Even though I have no clue how they got so spawny!

      Arsenal are a great club and it would be not just nice but fitting as well if they won the CL. Whilst I want English dominance, I would love the next 2 names on the trophy to be Arsenal and Everton.............Everton because they surely would have won it but for the ban in the 80's after Heysel..............Good luck.

      PS.....I dismiss my team 'Villa' for obvious reasons at the moment!!!

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      • Are Everton in the CL ?

      • "I'm no Chelsea fan"

        You get no prize for stating the bleeding obvious Roy! LOL

        They are a dying breed. Well either dying or going back to supporting Utd, or moving on to City.

        Arsene Wenger deserves to win the CL and I say that with no sense of irony. He has been a top football manager for many years and came bloody close (if it weren't for the mad goose-stepper) to winning the top Euro prize.

        It takes more than just a good squad to win it. It takes a hell of a lot of luck too. As Chelsea and Liverpool both proved. I was happy for Chelsea to win it. If only for the same reasons that it was another EPL team that got their names on it.

        I'm not sure if we have the squad depth to manage it this year either. The PL is always the No.1 target for any manager and I fear we could be a little light of what's needed to do that again this year too.

        Not sure what's happening at Villa at the mo. Performances all over the place. Tidy win against Swansea. Big loss against Southampton, then beat City! Away! Nuts.