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  • The Londoners The Londoners Oct 1, 2012 18:05 Flag

    Board For Slap Heads

    Its no wonder nobody wants to post anything on this board anymore. The posts are 'thread bare', and since Arsenal have improved out of sight, there is no reason or purpose to it is there? I mean what have they to abuse now? Nothing. And I see the half wit Baptist is still trying to make some sense, but failing badly. Again! Cheers. Enjoy writing to a blank wall....

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    • People aren't posting because they are bored with your obsession with me, Ducati.

      If Arsenal have 'improved out of sight' then why aren't you focusing on that, rather than posting about me yet again?

      That's easy. You are just a troll and not worthy of any kind of response other than ridicule.

      It's just you now. There's nobody to back you up anymore. They've given up on you.

      Just slink away and leave the board to people who want to talk football.

    • Badgerbaiter,

      There is no doubt your goons have improved, but don't get too carried away! you are 8th in the table, behind WestBrom and West Ham! the season is long and there is much time for things to change. The the Manure lovers will be back to torment you! is that really what you want?

      Wilshire back in your u21's today! congrats, the EPL is a better place with a fit Jack!

      Be well Badger boy!


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      • Oh I know Joe. Its going to be a long season of attrition. Everyone once it this time in, and all are playing well, with the exception of the Manks. who are pushing there luck to the limit. I honestly see them unable to maintain any kind of threat this season, with Rooney doing his darndest to knock Van Winkle of his 'high and mighty' perch(even playing with an injury not healed). Gonna be interesting thats for sure....Meanwhile ..>>>>....... Baldness for ever Baptist!!!!!! At least we can spot you in a crowd...