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  • The Londoners The Londoners Oct 8, 2012 00:29 Flag

    West Hammered!!!!

    .....and him with hoping Wenger gets it wrong. You all seem to have forgotten Baptist braying like a donkey 'Taxi for Wenger'. How feeble and inapropriate is that then. Its not an obsession, more a statement of intent, that a man who constantly seeks to undermine Arsenal FC. and Arsene Wenger is allowed space on here. Well he gets nothing from me. More to the point I, by choice, choose to ignore such people, So they are talking to a blank page(themselves). And I suppose given that, if the hat fits wear it, its more than they deserve.....and because he simply cannot stay away from here,he's compelled to answer, so I have him in my pocket, and can say what I feel about him without any fear of him able to reply.!! 'simple' really....Now I must get ready for work; something I could teach Baptist about. If I could be bothered. Oh and please change that bloody name of yours, its ridiculous.

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