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  • Jacks Jacks Oct 8, 2012 21:01 Flag

    West Hammered!!!!

    Oh yes it has. But of course the numpty John - the runt of the pack on here - still cant get his fat bald head around the fact. I know. Why not ask Yahoo Baptist.??? Perhaps then the penny will drop. I dont know what screen your running on your old banger of a laptop(belonging to the company) But on mine, obviously well out of your price range, I get a preview of messages posted when I go onto the Yahoo Eurosport page. Its usually down the bottom on the RIGHT side of the window dummy, and in it we can see the first few words of all the posts. Get it? So when I click on the thread dummy, it comes up 'THIS MESSAGE HAS BEEN IGNORE!'(IN RED) OKAY; ARE YOU WITH ME FAT HEAD?? You really are as thick as everyone says you are....now piss off and play with yourself. And stop bothering the kids on here, or I'll have to report you again.