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  • Jacks Jacks Oct 6, 2012 19:43 Flag

    West Hammered!!!!

    Any complaints from Baldy John. Perhaps we were lucky. Or Arsene Wenger did something wrong. You know.His usual humpty backed complaints. He seems to have his knickers in a twist over dodge, who doesn't seem to give a sh.t replying. Yet there is Baptist replying (well kind of) again, asking to be reported for abuse and uncalled for remarks. I dont see what his hang up is, but you need to get it sorted Baptist. Especially since Wenger seems to always scupper your whinging, when you would dearly love him to fail.

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    • You would be a perfect sidekick in a dictatorial system like China where you are not supposed to ask questions and simply keep praising the ones on top no matter what happens! Fortunately we live in a Democracy where you are held accountable!

      If you are really a Gunner enjoy the moment! I am sure John does like most of us here.

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      • And who's John when he's around. Come to that who the hell are you??? And what does 'outlaws 9' mean. Is that some kind of coded message for those in the know like 'goodguys 4'. or the secret 6???
        Thats as bad as the nut who calls himself 'cashablegiro' !!
        Lets just have a look at that for a moment shall we. Now what normal thinking bloke would use a name associated with being on the dole, sponging off the tax payer, etc. etc. if he wasn't trying to take the piss?? I ask you, is it reasonable to accept on here, this bone head,as a bona fide Arsenal supporter? Of course it bloody well isn't , and only someone with half a brain would think so. And by the way, I've enjoyed Arsenal, win or lose, long since before your father met your mother. And I'm nobodys 'sidekick' boy, and if you still think we live in a Democracy, then you really are in your own little world; because the next time you walk the streets, look up. To refresh your memory the thread was about West Ham, not bloody politics.

    • You, on the other hand do seem to have an obsession with John.

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      • This message has been ignored !!

        Oh I'm sorry John. Yahoo wont let you in because of your abuse. Never mind, try someone else. Or perhaps you'll get a rise out of the kids on here, like little Willy your guy!! Oh dear oh dear!two suckers at each other.

      • .....and him with hoping Wenger gets it wrong. You all seem to have forgotten Baptist braying like a donkey 'Taxi for Wenger'. How feeble and inapropriate is that then. Its not an obsession, more a statement of intent, that a man who constantly seeks to undermine Arsenal FC. and Arsene Wenger is allowed space on here. Well he gets nothing from me. More to the point I, by choice, choose to ignore such people, So they are talking to a blank page(themselves). And I suppose given that, if the hat fits wear it, its more than they deserve.....and because he simply cannot stay away from here,he's compelled to answer, so I have him in my pocket, and can say what I feel about him without any fear of him able to reply.!! 'simple' really....Now I must get ready for work; something I could teach Baptist about. If I could be bothered. Oh and please change that bloody name of yours, its ridiculous.

    • thats more like it from you ducati dork

      another rambling incoherent post about john