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  • Great game & a fantastic result.

    1. Jenkinson seems to be growing in confidence with each game. Sagna could have a fight on his hands when he is fit!

    2. Walcott possibly gave Wenger a reason to try him up front? He took his chance nicely. Last chance saloon for Walcott if he gets his chance and doesn't take it. It's a win, win for Wenger.

    3. Fabrewho? Cazorla is fast becoming a brilliant little player. Sublime skills and passing.

    4. Great to see Giroud finally off the mark, with a good strikers goal.

    5. Mertesacker......back in for Kos. As somebody pointed out the other day. Was a good move for this game, with Carroll playing.

    6. Ducati Dork, still trying desperately to claim a sense of achievement, when all he does is show himself up. Don't bother replying to this post with any of your new or old ID's. Leave the football to the proper fans.

    All in all, a nice day out!

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