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  • TheButchNemesis TheButchNemesis Oct 9, 2012 18:58 Flag

    Baptist - Judge & Jury.....

    Come off it John. No matter which way you twist it, there's a lot of truth in what he's saying. That you are an opinionated person, and sound very much like a teacher scolding a slow learner because he either doesnt understand what you are talking about. Or disagrees with what you are saying. And you cant say you haven't had your doubters on here, as to your authenticity, and beliefs. Must we continually remind you of your anti Wenger stance not so very long ago? Your refusal to accept that the man has been right all along. Something you cant even raise the decency to accept. Have you and those who seek to undermine dodgeabanana, forgotten that you have never forgiven him for giving you your deserved nickname of Baptist. The mere fact that you mention it, tells us that it still sticks to you. That you are indeed a preacher. Your post to Yahoo Fantasy etc. as dorkd2( backwards, which you couldnt even get, that he was taking the piss) posted proves that. So stop flattering yourself and keep to posting about football, which to most on here, is amateur at best. Sorry but its true.

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    • there you go again gilly pretending to be someone else backing you up - it is so transparent and laughable but sad

      to quote wiki "Imaginary friends and imaginary companions are a psychological and social phenomenon where a friendship or other interpersonal relationship takes place in the imagination rather than external physical reality"

      oh dear - that was why people recommended you keep taking your medication


    • So everyone here is entitled to opinion except me?

      If I sound like a teacher scolding a slow learner, it's because that's how a poster comes across.

      I have never had a problem with somebody disagreeing with what I say. What I have a problem with is getting a load of verbal instead of a reasoned argument. Something quite a few people lack the ability or common courtesy to do.

      My stance on Wenger was explained at the time, and the avatar I put up was to wind up those who initially over-reacted to the criticism I pointed at the way the club was being run. I never said I wanted Wenger sacked, but several chose to ignore my explanation, because it served to suit their purposes of continuing to abuse me.

      I now choose to undermine Ducati.
      A. Because he deserves it.
      B. Because he continues to put up the most ridiculous posts about me.

      How can I fail to mention it, when it is posted two or three times a day. Does it bother me? No. This is a inconsequential forum. Nothing more.

      So, until you and the others stop posting rants about me, I will continue to ridicule you all.

      Sorry, but it's true.