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  • Jacks Jacks Oct 9, 2012 16:32 Flag

    Baptist - Judge & Jury.....

    .......read this AND on Yahoo Fantasy Football! & I quote...

    "Just about every team(but not his own) in the football league have at least one player who will dive to gain an 'UNFAIR' advantage in a game.SUAREZ IS NOT ORIGINAL IN THIS, although he is under 'CRITICAL SCRUTINY'(yes, yours) for it at present, all he has to do is go a few months without 'simulating' and the refs will move on.

    What Rob Huth did 'IS TYPICAL OF HIM'??!!(and he knows of course). It's arguably typical of Stoke too, who lack the skill so resort to 'OVERLY PHYSICAL TACTICS??(like in any contact sport) to win games. Tony Pulis and Sam Allardyce ARE BOTH GUILTY!!!!(well I guess that settles it) of this type of coaching.

    Players who simulate like Suarez did should be given a ban,"TO TEACH THEM AND THEIR TEAM A LESSON"??????. Huth got away with it, BUT THE FA SHOULD BE HANDING HIM A BAN too( well yes, of course). STAMPING SHOULD GET A THREE GAME BAN!!!!!! "(well why not make it 6? You have the jury swayed)

    The pomposity of the man leaves the most un biased supporter open mouthed.. Its a Kangaroo Court judgement, from a bigot, who conveniently forgets to mention his own teams perpetrators, and also the recent vicious elbow of Van Persie(not for the first time), also clearly seen on video. Perhaps then, thats just one too far. Lets crucify Barrabus and a couple of others but not our own.. This John The Baptist, sits on the right shoulder of Wenger(by his own admission) whispering in his ear, very much like a Judas. But I do not think he is listening to such hypocrisy; And neither should anyone.

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