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  • Raider Raider Oct 12, 2012 11:30 Flag

    Forwards or Defenders?

    Loads of rumours as per usual going around about this supposedly war chest of £35 mil.

    The question is, should Arsen be looking at an out and out striker like Loriente which has been suggested or should he be looking at spending that kind of money on additional defenders.

    Walcott and Sanga could go in January if decent bids come in, so should we look at replacing Walcot with a Loriente/Lopez/Falcao or stick with what we have and hope Giroud and Gervinho come good?

    Also if Sanga does get sold on is Jenkinson ready to take the full back spot permenantly and who would cover him?

    If and it's a big If, Walcott and Sanga does get sold on, we are looking at 20 mil between them plus the money Arsen has at his disposal we could bring in some real quality in defence and forwards which in effect would be like a complete new Arsenal team.

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    • None. We could also do well with the team we already have. I think we've spent enough, buggering around with this team, and its about time some settled down to accepting that no matter what they say, it doesn't make a jot of difference. If we cant win something with this team - given the make up of some top quality players in the PL - then there is no used banging on about what Wenger should or should not do. Its plainly obvious to me that if not from some poor finishing(unfortunate) in the Chelsea game we would still be unbeaten, and close to the top.

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      • It's always a worry when new players come in and disrupts the harmony of a team playing well.

        Squads win tournements now days not teams so the real question is, is the Arsenal squad good enough as it is or if some fringe players go plus Walcott and Sanga should we replace or support the talent we have? it's a tuff one!