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  • John John Oct 16, 2012 12:17 Flag

    Players who could be gone this January

    It's nearly impossible to speculate at this stage, especially as it is very rare for teams to change dramatically during the January transfer window. It is also good to see the improvement of some of the players, that seems to have meant they have come off the list of who we might like to leave. As for those who should, or might leave. I wouldn't want Santos or Sagna on there, but the latter has begun to sound off a bit.

    My list would be:-

    Should go:


    Might go:


    Other than that, I don't think much will change until after the end of the season now. Then again, AW could surprise us all and buy a £35m striker.....but the chances are slim.

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    • Theres a part of me that really wants Walcott to stay and lets face it he's a bloody good player, some of the time and that's the stumbling point for me. Some of the time!

      For the last 8 seasons we have had great players that play great some of the time, things just need to change and I think Wenger has too!

      Lets wait and see...

      C'mon you Gunners

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      • I think things are finally starting to change. Coaching focus has changed and rumblings are that the transfer policy has been allowed to change slightly too.

        Lets face it. After seven years without silverware something had to happen.

        If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got.