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  • Piggy Piggy Oct 22, 2012 10:38 Flag

    UEFA- fines

    Have you cottoned on that these boards are full of twa7s who have no intention of engaging in football debate but would rather spend endless hours abusing people from the safety of their keyboards yet?

    you do keep asking why the likes of pixie and gilly (Nabby, jackspratt, dkrod2) get so much stick?

    You seem a reasonable bloke but its time that light bulb went on.

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    • Its shining bright!

      I will try and engage as many people as possible in football debate, I'll continue to ignore the oxygen thieves who seem to infest this board, more likely I'll choose to engage those real football fans, who seem to offer more than school ground garbage.

      Nabby Adams, what's your point?! I think its your Arse that needs to be given a chance, Grant Holt didn't!!