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  • Roy F Roy F Oct 28, 2012 08:29 Flag

    EXACTLY What I Predicted 8 Years Ago....

    I'm in 2 minds over this £70,000,000

    Yes it is a lot of money but at the prices it costs for a top player and the wages he commands, it isn't that much.

    Arsenal are a well run club but the season ticket price is way too steep. They are well on the way to paying off the stadium, so will more cash be splashed when it is payed off, or will it just accrue?

    Some of my Arsenal friends say Fab and RVP should never have been sold.....but for me, if a player wants to go, you have to let them be it RVP, Fab or Ronaldo.

    The biggest sticking point for me is the wage cap. I don't know what the cap is 80/90k maybe......But Arsene is on a reported near 150k a week himself!!!! No wonder he won't leave , or rock the boat!