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  • John John Oct 30, 2012 14:47 Flag

    Walcott situation

    Ox has already stepped up in many peoples minds, to become a better prospect than Walcott.

    I have said for a while that Walcott should get a go in the middle. If he starts to score, then pay him. If he doesn't then let him go. He had his chance.

    Gervinho showed early promise this season, but that again quickly vanished, much the same as Chamakh. Ideal time to give Walcott that shot.

    Only because it took Henry at least eight games before he started to score, do I find myself waiting patiently for Giroud.

    The Chav's stuck by their £50m five goal wonder last season.
    I say lets give Giroud time to prove himself.

    As ever, we cannot rely on Podolski or Cazorla for all of our goals. Ramsay is still a little unconvincing (possibly as a result of that leg break) and Arteta is good for maybe eight goals a season. It's not his job.

    At the moment though, I still maintain that Walcott is not worth £95k p/w

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    • I think Ox is the better player between the 2 but I see him more as a midfielder rather than an out and out striker.

      I agree with giving Giroud time but I don't see Gervinho as a long term solution and if he goes to the ACN we really only have Giroud as a striker. Gervinho in the absence of Walcott might be our best or truest wide player. All others seem players who prefer the center but have been "converted" by Wenger to the wings.

      I definitely hope Cazorla will become a bit of a goal threat in the mold of Lampard and that Podolski won't be a short term wonder in his little scoring binge.

    • I wonder what we would have to pay a quality striker like Llorente probably more than 95 per week.