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  • Lets see how much our team has improved since last year shall we.

    Both teams didn't exactly shine the other night in the league cup. Across the two games we conceded 9 goals was it?

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    • If history is anything to go by this will be an other painful day for those of us who still hope one day we will be restored to our former glory and for those of us who only count the PL and CL as a serious trophy to speak about, not CL qualification as financially rewarding as that might be.

      As most fans I can't help but keep dreaming and hope we can pull of an upset. However we tend to implode when we play real teams and don't manage to play up to our potential.

      Man U, to me, don't appear to be the balanced team they used to be and, at the moment, and get weaker as you look from the front to the back. ie there attack is 2nd to none, their midfield is OK but no longer imposing and there defense is suspect a bit compared to years gone by.

      A draw would be reason for celebration.

    • But that was both clubs' second teams, wasn't it. I am sure you will do better than last year but I fear you will still get stuffed. I'd like you to get a result!

      Up the Arsenal.