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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Nov 3, 2012 15:11 Flag

    Surgery Needed!!!!!!!!

    I think you need a lot more work than just a defender and finisher!

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    • Yes more then two players are needed but I would rather Arsenal bought just two players at £25 million each then buy 4 players at £12.5 million each.

      The team needs quality and no more cheap buys, or it is bye, bye Arsenal.

      You don't get world class players around the 10 million mark, they might be very good but will they be good enough to challenge City, Utd and Chelsea, unlikely!

      This is why I say buy now for next season, buy to class players now and another two next summer and then things might change.

      10 games in, and I'm already fearing the worst and I have never felt this before in the 44 years I have supported the club.

      The teams needs a Captain and I mean a proper captain like a Tony Adams, someone who's going to give 100% and lead by example, the team lacks fire in their bellies and desire.

      To many poor and lacklustre performances this season, the team needs to show more heart!