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  • Raider Raider Nov 3, 2012 14:54 Flag

    Surgery Needed!!!!!!!!

    2 - 1 down to utd would suggest it was a close game, but the performance from Arsenal was pretty dire!

    We simply do not have the personnel to deal with the big clubs and it's very clear that Arsenal need major Surgery, cut away the deadwoood completly and use that money to bolster salaries and bring in some real quality.

    Cazorl and Podolski is just the start but the club can't stop there and this January is a must buy time.

    Despite still only 10 games in to the season we need to build for next year so rather then buying cheap just go and spend all our money on 2 class players and then look at the squad for next season.

    We wont win the PL this year so start building a side that might next year.

    If we keep performing like this then4th is out of the question let alone top 3 finish, that's a 3 horse race!

    A defender and a top finisher is required!

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    • Start surgery from the right spot- get Wenger out. I told fans not to clap after the Reading comeback (that was schoolboys football). We all saw the real Arsnl today; as managed by Wenger...

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      • The match today sadened me not just because it definitely confirmed to me we were not capable of challenging but because the gulf in class between the 2 teams which has been obvious for a few years became bare..

        I am not over reacting when I say AW has passed his sell by date as much as I luv him and and all he has done for this club...AFC will not win the league as long as he is in charge FFP or not!...

        Secretly most gunners are glad it was not a humiliation ..bcos it could very easily have been had they taken thier chances in the 1st half..

        With the players we had on show we should be able to give utd a good game..they could've beat us by 6-1 very easily with out leaving 2nd gear thats what worries me most...

        I am not a coach and not experienced enough to know the nitty gritty`of football...but at the end of the 1st half I told my friend who is a gooner I was praying that AW should take off JW ....if I who knows nothing about football can see it why couldn't AW...Yes Ramsey was useless out wide he could've brought him infield taken JW off and taken Theo out wide

        SAF saw Cleverly's and reacted why did AW not react...

        With 11 men we may have been in the game with 10 men we stood no chance whatsoever...

        The funy thing is true champions will still compete with 10 men...mancity did recently Chelsvki did even they they lost...

        If we had gone to OT with the inviscibles ..somehow even with 10 men and a goal down SAF and his boys would know its still game on..

        Damn I'd luv my arsenal back...sorry for the long post I still feel as tho its was 8-2 .....even tho it was 2-1 it could hav ebeen more ...very easily even if they were just in 2nd gear and going through the motions...

        I can only remember 2 games since the beggining of the season southampton at home and liverpool away...

        The truth is that arsenal is predictable our game is predictable our manager is predictable

    • I think you need a lot more work than just a defender and finisher!

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      • Yes more then two players are needed but I would rather Arsenal bought just two players at £25 million each then buy 4 players at £12.5 million each.

        The team needs quality and no more cheap buys, or it is bye, bye Arsenal.

        You don't get world class players around the 10 million mark, they might be very good but will they be good enough to challenge City, Utd and Chelsea, unlikely!

        This is why I say buy now for next season, buy to class players now and another two next summer and then things might change.

        10 games in, and I'm already fearing the worst and I have never felt this before in the 44 years I have supported the club.

        The teams needs a Captain and I mean a proper captain like a Tony Adams, someone who's going to give 100% and lead by example, the team lacks fire in their bellies and desire.

        To many poor and lacklustre performances this season, the team needs to show more heart!