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  • Eric Cantona Eric Cantona Nov 4, 2012 10:35 Flag

    Surgery?? Stitched Up you mean

    "We played as bad as Utd. though the press as usual, make a different story" - no, the press will tell it as it was; Arsenal were woeful.

    United just had to play in 1st gear and got sloppy because it got so boring - it was like a long training session. Even then we should have had 5 goals so be thankful United were lazy.

    Even your goal was scored in the 95th minute when only 4 minutes were added.

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    • Who said this recently Ducati?

      ''And forget Arsenal this season, they haven't a prayer of getting within sniffing distance of the Manchester boys, or Tottenham come to that.Depressing, but true. How much did Kronky boy syphon of last time...Oh dear...I think Wengers down the Swanny this time. Absolutely clueless as to who to play with who. He hasn't got it right for years...... ''

      It didnt take long for you to start 'waxing lyrical' then did it? Now its all about how your a 'new team still waiting to gel' blah blah Ahahahahahahaaaa leave it out FFS

      oh dea oh dear you simpleton

      'mebbe its becawz im a Lundunaah...Ave a bananahhhhh!!
      A dodgebanana?