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  • Roger E Roger E Nov 5, 2012 22:12 Flag

    Saturday's game.....

    .....brought about so many unanswered questions and raised so many issues, as follows:

    1. Why does Wenger insist on starting Ramsey wide right and whatever made him conceive this idea in the first place? We started out with zero width on the flanks and limited options going forward.
    2. If Wenger is so desperate to keep Walcott, why does he persist in starting him on the bench?
    3. Why does Oxlade-Chamberlain continually start on the bench and invariably not even come on?
    4. What the Hell induced Wenger to buy that clown Santos? He can't defend to save his life!
    5. In the summer transfer window we sold one of the world's current best strikers and brought in Giroud and Podolski - both inept strikers IMO.
    6. Wenger has thrown Wilshere into the deep end far too early in my book (at the very least he should have been substituted following his yellow card and warning from the ref). Better to have played Ramsey in midfield and put Walcott or Oxlade-Chamberlain up front from the start.
    7. Why is Vermaelen suddenly making constant school boy errors?
    8. Why was it that, to a man, not only did we not perform on Saturday; we were simply 'not up for it' and just didn't put in the effort.

    In my humble opinion, Wenger no longer commands the respect of the team, can't motivate them and doesn't have the technical expertise of Ferguson to set his stall out effectively with the opposition in mind.

    I used to have a great deal of respect and admiration for Wenger, but unfortunately his transfer dealings, decision making and general attitude in recent years have drummed that out of me. Time to go.

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    • Well, Ramsay has not been very good since his comeback from the broken leg. He loses the ball so often and his passing has been substandard. He should not start a game really.

      Another major problem player is, as anyone can guess, is Santos. His idea of a tackle is fully commited by going to ground. It is all well and good if he gets it right, which is not often. In addition, he does not think he is a defender, judging by the fact that he is more often in the opponents half than in his own half.

      For the last 2-3 weeks, we have a problem of not being able to transfer the ball from defence to midfield and then attack. We just passed the ball around at the back and under enormous pressure that usually ended in one outcome: thumping the ball forward aimlessly either from defence or by Mannone.

      In the middle of the park, we miss players like Febregas, Diaby and Rosicky who can get past people. Recently, team movement of players is also quite poor. There is something that I just cannot fathom: why is it that whenever one of our players attack via the wing, more often than not, he is on his own. Nobody seems to want to help him to attack in tandem, which other teams do.

      As with the forward line, once we have sold van Pussy, we have no forward to speak of. So, I do not really blame Giroud and Poldolski. So, we should really play 2 upfront: Giroud and Walcott, with Podolski playing nearer the left edge of the penalty area because he can finish.

      I think, for the Schalke game, we should employ Koscielny and Vermaelen in defence (and change back to Mertesacker and whoever is in better form for the Fulham game) with Jenkinson and Sagna, then Wilshere, Cazorla, Arshavin and either of Gnabry or Eisfeld for midfield, with Giroud and Walcott in attack.

      Hope Szczesny comes back soon, because Mannone's distribution of the ball is poor.

      Rant over for now.

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      • "we have no forward to speak of. So, I do not really blame Giroud and Poldolski" - weren't they bought as forwards to replace RVP?

      • it was a good rant tho, ramseys passing is dire and he is always going backwards, i like Diaby but 10 games a year is woeful, time to cash in, Rosicky is too hit and miss, needs to be in the mood, was playing great, got his new contract and his form went downhill also injuryprone. We need a good holding midfeilder so Arteta can get forward more.
        On the plus side, Gervinho is out for a while, goals per chances, passing, heading and making space he is woeful, I believe giroud will come good and with Gervinho out this will come quicker. Also Podolskis form has dipped alarmingly.

    • Oxlade-Chamberlain is injured, isn't he?

      9. Why buy a centre half with the mobility of an oil tanker?

    • 1. Could not agree more and unfair to Ramsey as well he doesn't have the speed to bother a left back or instincts of a wide player.

      2. Can not understand that either. Walcott might be our best wide player even though he is a natural central striker if you ask me. Why did we not sell him this summer if we were not going to sign him to a new contract? With the dilution of quality in the team over the last few years, on his day Theo is amongst our better players and for a little while we got a little lift when he came on this weekend.

      4. I thought when Santos got a run of games last season he was ok. This season he sucks.

      5. We don't even play Podolski as a striker but rather on the left wing. Is it me or has he faded after a brief promising start? Didn't Chamakh score his first 10 goals rather quickly and then faded as well? Hmmmm, wouldn't be the way we manage/coach them would it?

      6. Very true, I understand the temptation with playing Wilshire but for the good of his long term development I don't think he should be thrown in this way.

      7. Got to feel bad for Vermaelen but he does look second rate lately. Let's hope this is temporary.

      8. I think perhaps Wenger had drilled into them the need for possession of the ball with the result that players were afraid to make the risky pass and instead made the safe side-ways pass which made us look flat and slow.

      10. We should have signed a striker who has had more than 1 good season. Neither Chamakh not Giroud have dominated or impressed for more than 1 season in an inferior league. At least the likes of Huntelaar have done well for more than 1 season and in more than 1 league.

      Tonight's game is a make or break game, if we lose the wheels might really be coming of.

      I was ready 6 or 7 years ago to see him go but now that I realize how cheap our owner is I hope Wenger stays. It's not like Stan would go for Pep or an other proven big name manager.