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  • Jacks Jacks Nov 6, 2012 17:35 Flag

    I laughed me c..ck off....

    ....when I read this.

    "Have you $%^& yourself again Rikki Altree. Something stinks on here and it aint John. Can only be the serial thief and alcoholic formally known as Butch The Tea Leaf, ten pound Pommy........Oh dear found it a bit hard out on the margins have we Butch? Better come in from the cold on here and take another pasting. You're a glutton for it, lets Face It... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!! oh dear pissed meself laughing again....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .... Ever been to London Butch?? Only to catch the ship out to the Colonies...Ha!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!! This little Piggy went to Botany Bay...while this little piggy stayed at home....Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...!! Oh dear you are so simple, and easy...I cant hold my water in laughing..Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha".
    Absolute classic dodge. He didnt know whether to laugh or cry, I bet. The moron butch..calling himself Piggy M????

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    • Don't mention the CIA or the FBI or MI5 or even the RAC on here,the walls have ears and some have even bigger fuckers than others.

    • "And I seem to remember that my friends the Grainger's [sic]"

      Your "friends", the Graingers, don't exist.

      Voting is compulsory in Australia, which means everyone of voting age is on the elector list .... there are NO Graingers in Urunga.

      There are NO Graingers in the phone book.

      They are NOT registered as rate-payers with the local council, and the Urunga Bowls Club, where you claimed your make-believe mate was the manager, has never heard of them.

      You make your life up as you go along banana boy, remember how you claimed to have driven from Sydney to Coffs Harbour dozens of times, yet didn't know Newcastle was a city?

      One road in and one road out you said!

      Then you had no idea where the first speed cameras were on the Pacific Highway, even though they were in the same town as your pretend friends .... Urunga!

      According to you, you would have driven through them dozens of times, and seen the HUGE "Speed Cameras Ahead" signs.

      Now you claim you're not a YANK, when we all know different, you claim to come from North London yet couldn't answer simple questions about the place.

      You have never once commented on a game you have seen live, and hardly ever commented on any game, probably because the internet connection up in the Colorado hills is piss weak!

      "And by the way OTHERS. I don't drink alcohol and havent for many years"

      Hahaha!!! Pull the other one, it's got Gin and Tonic!

      So, to sum you up ... you're a YANK wannabe Londoner, living in a fantasy world where you're everything you're not in real life.

      Over the years the alcohol has taken hold, your hair has dropped out, along with your teeth, you think your comb-over fools all your redneck neighbours, who secretly laugh at you behind your back .... LIKE WE DO!!

      Y'all come back now, y'hear!

    • "I don't drink alcohol" - of course you don't Gill; it would interfere with your medication.


    • F..k me days where did he get that from. I bet he was in Vietnam next, or CIA who knows with this guy... Crazy pr..k!

    • "Yank????" Oh dear that confirms everything about you Rikki Tea Leaf. AND " I dont need to hide ID's" Oh FFS what the hell have you been doing all this time then??" Have a Tardis do we. Or perhaps you're a Shape Shifter!!! Certainly an incredible mind reader. or lying arsehole Altree. Its you who has never been to London or seen Arsenal or Man U play. And I seem to remember that my friends the Grainger's(and please note, others on here and mark this and check it out with my compliments. Im sure Sharon and her husband would like to meet this prick Rikki after what he called her) offer you out to their place at Urunga(thats NSW others) along with me and just like the coward you are you didnt turn up. Not even to see your - here we go- DAUGHTER!! Well thats to be expected from a ten pond POM and a known liar and drunkard. You've been peddling your crap and these lies on here and elsewhere for years, and now you cant stop for fear of looking(as if you dont already) the lying prick you are. Okay with that are you? No? I thought so. You will post more of your bullshit on here. AS USUAL.....And I'm rather pleased you think I'm a Yank and live in - where is it - Colorado at 'The Well Hung Gun"? Which just goes to prove you haven't a clue. Know nothing idiot that you are Altree. If you had a brain you'd be dangerous. I fed you and others that line for so long I almost began to believe it myself. It was so convincing. "The Well Hung Gun" my arse. Dont you get it. Its not a gun on a belt thats "Well Hung" moron. Still at the same address are we? I do hope so. Or I'll have my mail returned... And by the way OTHERS. I don't drink alcohol and havent for many years, and I do not live in America. And if I did I certainly wouldn't be posting on here. Now then. This Rikki Altree(thats his real name) does drink, and how. He lives in Cairns Australia alone with his bottle(hic!) and the only contact he has with the outside world is through a computer(probably at his local pub), without which he is lost. Well, he's been lost for years. Alright Piggy.Take another swig of your heart starter in the morning, You're going to need it... Take care now.Rikki..........>

    • see Ducati? Now THATS Butch!!

      ho ho ho I been trying to tell you all along you thick yank redneck.

      'Oh dear! oh dear! piggy butch' INDEED!

      OWNED dont begin to describe this fiasco eh hombre?



    • "If I remember correctly, this is the line dodge used to take against you. .... Back to the "The Well Hung Gun"

      That's right banana bender, you did!

      I don't hide behind IDs banana boy, I don't need to, and I certainly don't need to address you.

      From the first time you posted lies on here about being in Australia I cut you down to size.

      I proved you were lying about being here, about building a house in Urunga, I proved your "friends" in Urunga don't exist, I showed your knowledge of Australia to be zero .... Canberra in NSW anyone!

      So look what you've become banana boy, whilst I've thrived, you've turned into an incoherent, alcoholic mess .... well done, we knew you had it in you!

      But what's funniest of all, is how I'm up your nose so far that you accuse every Tom, Dick and Harry of being me!

      I guess being shown up as a lying arsehole who has never been to OZ, never been to London, and never seen Arsenal play, has tipped you over the edge .... YANK!!

    • ''Ah! well. Back to the "The Well Hung Gun"

      thats a coincidence! Ducati Dodge also drinks in there badger! maybe you could say 'howdy cowboy' to him? Thats if you can recognise him, he'll be the hairy dude in the frock!

      you mentioned 'owned'? You just got double whammied AGAIN you thick f*ck


    • ...and if I remember correctly, this is the line dodge used to take against you. Something must have hit a nerve piggy Butch!!

      "I saw a tramp asleep on the tube the other day just p*ssing himself every few stops and soaking the seat and floor with steaming stinking urine"

      Takes one to know one I guess.......But the comforting thing is you still post and rant about him. Which just goes to prove you are owned outright, and squirming around trying your usual tactics. Deaf ears I'm afraid, and that must pissed you off something awful. Ah! well. Back to the "The Well Hung Gun" I suppose where they dont shag sheep Butch.

    • Pathetic. You get worse as you get older. Lay off the turps Piggy Butch. You're not fooling anyone. Well, that is except The Preacher Baptist, and he's easily fooled.

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