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    Where do we Go Now......

    Have this line from Sweet Child of mine from Guns and Roses playing in a loop in my mind..Where do we go.... where do we do we go now...

    Everything seems to be ...a little lost as far as Arsenal is concerned. The tiny ray of Hope at the start of the season has all but disappeared. We showed potential to begin with but as usual no consistency but more importantly no mentality.

    And I end up asking the same questions that we have done for the last half a decade or so. Why don't we replace our stars who left us? Why cant we defend a lead? Why cant we defend??!! Why don't we ever have a Plan B in a game when things start going wrong? Why doesn't Wenger stop selling us BS? Why are we asked to believe in them when they have nothing to offer us to believe in? Why are we accumulating profits which are not even used to pay off the debts, when we need to badly invest in the team? Why are we becoming a feeder club? Why have the board member lost their pride are just keen on achieving fiscal glory and not sporting glory? and so and so forth...

    I rarely post here nowadays because there is rarely anything new to say. It's the same ole story season in season out. STAGNATION if not decline is the state we find ourselves in. Apart from the win at Reading where we could finally say a Hurray. It's the same ole story. We rarely win the big games. We winn against the minnows and struggle against the more determined teams.

    Reaching Fourth is our sole aim and that itself has been a mighty struggle over the years. I am glad we are not Liverpool or Spurs. But then again We are Arsenal! Champions and Proud we were for how we played. Heart, Skill and Spirit. We miss all three now.

    In the seasons gone by we always needed a Hero to survive. And luckily for us someone always stood up. Most recently it was RVP, before Fab to greater extent. Right now we are searching for a Hero amongst our midst and the pocket sized Spaniard seems to be most likely hope.

    But why dont and why cant we change? The Steve Bould Effect has eventually worn off and we are back to old ways. School boy errors and simply no heart to take the fight to the opponents. Since the Chelsea game where we seemed to be a mood for a challenge, till the sheer quality of the Chelsea's Billion Roubles Team downed us, we have been poor even taking the Reading game into account.

    Even if Wenger doesn't agree with it, sometimes buying quality at the given market price is the only solution. We need more quality for sure. So let's begin with the manager. wenger is tired, he will keep us in the CL for another year. But he simply doesn't have the skills to motivitate this team and he is not ready to buy himself a different squad! I really hoped he would change but seems he is too old and too stubborn to do that.

    He deserves more, but so do the fans. And he simply doesnt seem to care what we think and want. We are not talking about buying trophies here, we are talking about pride. To be proud of your team win or lose, because you know they gave their everything. With Wenger in charge that has been sorely missing. When we play badly, we simply dont seem to care! The Pride of playing for your team is missing. The overpaid troops at Chelsea and City show that, why not ours?

    Things will get better over the next few weeks because we face no big challenge but we are stuck in mediocrity with a few moments of brilliance. We need change, but will it happen? And the damn simply song doesn't get out of my head...Where do we go now.....

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    • I think Arsene Wenger has wanted to try to create a utopian football club that is Arsenal.

      He inherited the Arsenal famous back 5 plus Bergkamp- our old mean defence and creative midfielder/attacker. Then, he set out to buy young unknown attacking players which is his forte. This system worked well because we had the best of both world in attack and defence. Once those defenders have left/retired, we were only left with quite good attack and good/mediocre defence. Hence the need to outscore the opponents.

      Let's give credit to Wenger since he instilled a quick-passing system which made the Arsenal into a team better than the sum of its parts. However, with the advent of multi-billionaire sugar-daddies and the decision to build the new Emirate Stadium, it is inevitable that Arsenal would fall behind.

      I think we have all noticed that Wenger has always wanted to buy young players almost exclusively and try to develope them "inhouse", so to speak. And he gave chances to players such as Justin Hoyte and Denilson for way too long than most of us think he should. It is not that you cannot win trophies with kids (cf. the Manure Golden generation), but it is improbable.

      All these, together with the equitable pay system for the players Wenger has been employing, means that, once the highly-paid mediocre players who are on long-term contract that you are sure will not cut it at Arsenal, we cannot move them on. This locks up a lot of resources and hinders the development of the club. I have just watched the film "Atlas shrugged: Part I". Two people were talking about the reason for the collapse of a company. The reason was that the company paid all the workers the same. Gradually, the good workers had left, and the bad workers could not carry the company. Sounds familiar?

      Wenger does not seem to understand good and great players want trophies the most at the end of the day, with the pay they get generally. That's why players like Cashly Cole, Fabregas, Clichy and van Pu$$y left. Once the gate is opened, it gets progressively worse.

      For the team, I think we should buy midfielders/forwards who can beat opponents in a 1-v-1 situation. Player movement upfront has been poor recently, so, that could improve. But, most importantly, I think we should sort out the defence. Build the team on the foundation of a good defence is always paramount to me.

    • ". The tiny ray of Hope at the start of the season has all but disappeared. We showed potential to begin with but as usual no consistency but more importantly no mentality." YEP!

      AND THAT, ALL BUT SUMS YOU UP. No Mentality

      Remind us again what it was like back then. Given that the bloody season has only just begun..You are one miserable, moping, muppet, like The Baptist. Which just about sums this board up. The Manks must laugh their cocks off reading this lot. And who can blame them.

    • Over the last 7 years it's never been an issue about the midfield nor the Forwards as we have always done reasonably OK.

      It's our defence, there doesn't seem to be a leader willing to give his mates a bollicking and take the back line by the scruff of the neck.

      If you look at the Italian league the teams first and foremost take the attitude of; if you can't score against us then you cant beat us!

      I'm not saying we should adopt a negativity to our game but what I am saying is bring in the players that can and want to defend and not those who think they are forwards and then leave gaps in the defence and start leaking goals.

      Our famous five regarded a clean sheet the way a forward would regard scoring a goal and thats the mentality needed to win things.

      I hope this January Arsen is able to address the issues that everyone has been screaming at him for the past couple of years as there is only so much faith you can put in your players and if they don't deliver then they have to go!

    • You guys are not alone. We have the same problem with Fergie and our owners and board, if not worse.

    • Not sure if things will get better. At the moment every game seems to be a challenge for this team.