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  • Raider Raider Nov 14, 2012 11:44 Flag

    Is Giroud the right man for the job?

    Reports have been published that Giroud has stated he will be happy if he scores 15 goals this season (his target).

    If this is true then we have bought the wrong player as this is the sort of return you expect from a midfield player and not a striker of a top flight club.

    Top strikers expect to score a minimum of 25 plus a season and for a club to challenge for trophies you need your strikers to do this.

    RVP scored 38 goals last year, that's two and a half times that of Girouds target....Ouch!

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    • To me there is no doubt that Giroud is not RVP replacement. He could have been a big improvement in depth if we had kept RVP since he is better than Chamakh IMO.

      It is probably fair that with Giroud we bought 15 goals, there are a number of other strikers we could have bought that might have scored 25+ goals.

      Giroud is superior to RVP with his head the problem we have is our game is not well suited to take advantage from his strength.
      Our full backs are not the greatest crossers (at the moment) and our wide players are not wide players. Ramsey hardly ever makes it to the back line and neither does Podolski they both have a natural tendency to drift towards the goal rather than the back line. This cuts down Girouds chances.

      If you look at Man U with Valencia and Young they have to players who love to run at defenders and the back line to wip in dangerous crosses, they are both true wingers.

      We appear to be selling our best winger in Theo and even him we don't start too often and he prefers to play the central striker role our only other winger with some experience, Gervinho we have tried as a central striker and he has not been available.

      I like Giroud but, like you, don't see him as a replacement for RVP. With Giroud we bought 15 Goals max we need to buy an other 20+ goals this winter IMO.

    • In my opinion, it is better to have all the players being able to contribute goals, than to concentrate goals on 1 player like last year with van Pu$$y.

      I remember the times before Ian Wright arrived that we had many players who oppositions knew they could score. Those were the exciting times and it added to the unpredictability of the team.

    • u should always give a player a season to adopt.
      but i honestly dont think giroud will ever be a top striker.
      i dont think thats a harsh thing to say.

      thats not to say he isnt a decent striker. but not the top striker u needed. gives u some physical presence. but u could have got a lot better strikers.

      i still think u should have got fergie to have thrown in hernandez in part exchange for rvp.
      i reckon if he thought u were going to sell him to city, he would have done the deal. especially as welbeck seemed to be ahead of him anyway.

      we are in a mess too, so dont get too down!