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  • Raider Raider Nov 27, 2012 16:27 Flag

    A new shopping list

    With the prospect of Wenger having more money to spend then he has ever known at the club, just exactly who will he buy?

    Will he spend the money he supposedly has or will old habits die hard?

    my top players would be either Baines or Chiellini for a fullback role and sell on Santos for two quid.

    Then bring in Busquets and Isco for a midfield slot and sell on Arshavin and a couple of others.

    Up front we have the choice of Cavani, Llorente or Huntelaar as these are the three names being bantered about and any one from three would do!

    The question is, who should we bring in and does Wenger have the ambition to really go for a big name player and not a youngster with potential?

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    • Why should any big name player want to join a team that hasn`t won a trophy in 7 years, may not qualify for next season`s CL, pays lower wages than many top teams and who season after season sells their best players to their main rivals?

    • I wish I had the motivation to be really interested and hopeful about some real quality players being bought this winter and making a real impact immediately. As it stands, having spend many a summer and winter hoping, analyzing and debating what we should do to strengthen the squad only to see it weakened year over year, I realize nothing hopeful is going to happen at this club until the owner is gone.

      If we want to save our season I would say we need to buy players who can contribute from day one which would either point to PL players or proven big name players from other big leagues in Europe.

      As a striker Huntelaar has proven himself in more than one league and should not be too expensive, but will he adjust to the PL in time to make an impact and will he make it in the PL? Who knows.

      I think we need a physical force in midfield and a left back in addition to a striker. I also think Sagna should become our back-up, it is time to start Jenkinson.

      My guess is if we do anything, it is like you say, old habits die hard, we buy average players or young unproven ones. The vast majority of the players we have brought in over the past some years have been average which is not good enough to save us.

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      • Many supporters are loosing faith in Wenger because of the players gone and the average players brought in to cover.

        The excuse to date has been the lack of money and paying off the debt of the Emirates etc.

        Well, the situation is changing and these excuses wont hold water any longer so either Wenger has had his hands tied and wouldn't say anything detrimental about the board OR he really does think he can spend £500,000 on a player and turn them in to an Anelka and is completely dilusional as some would sugest!

        I still believe he is a great manager but now he has money available to spend, I just hope he proves me right and goes and buys real quality even if it means paying over the odds.

        God forbid we finish behind the Spuds but if something isn't done in January and it's a good posibilty we will, and that could see a huge swing in support for a change in management.

    • Baines - No. Not for me.

      Chiellini - Not a natural LB and getting on a bit.

      Busquets - No chance of landing this guy.

      Isco - Who would you sell to get this guy in the starting line up? We already have Arteta, Wilshere, Ramsay & Cazorla.

      I don't a lot about Cavani, but Llorente was struck of the list of potentials some time ago, and recently Hunterlaar has been dismissed as a target.