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  • Raider Raider Nov 29, 2012 15:03 Flag

    Who might not be staying!

    Would these players departure really hurt the club:

    Sagna (Upset Wenger)
    Walcott (Inconsistant)
    Arshavin (A bit short on everything)
    Bendtner (Always Crap)
    Djourou (Always Crap)
    Chamakh (Always Crap)
    Diaby (Always sick)
    Santos (Always Crap)
    Squillaci (Always Crap)
    Fabianski (Inconsistant)
    Rosicky (Always Sick)

    Now don't get me wrong some of these players on their day are bloody good but those days don't come that often.

    With the exception of Walcott and Sagna I wouldn't shed a tear over the others and to be very honest I feel Ramsey is not delivering either.

    Walcott has been scoring and despite running hot and cold he is still a good squad player to have and would like him to sign the 80k a week offer and stay.

    So if these players were to be sold on this January/September then that would give the club better negotiatian options with salaries for better players and retaining the good ones we have.

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    • I agree with your suggestion near the end of your post, if we replace these players with better one's than they won't be missed.

      However I don't believe we will replace these players with betters ones or at least not Theo and Sagan. That's why I would gladly pay Theo 100k per week until we have some one better. I would also gladly play Theo in the central striker role.

      I would keep Sagna. He is still good but I would consider having him share an equal number of games with Jenkinson to give him experience. If we let go of Sagna we should replace him.

      The following player almost don't need to be replaced:


    • I respect your view and in a vacuum could even agree with it. But as it stands I am convinced that the £10 or £20k we would save by letting him go would not be invested back into the team but rather would end up with the owner, so therefor I think we should pay him since he would only be replaced with a lesser option if at all.

      I also think if we let him go it would be an other example of mismanagement of our players. If we are prepared to let him go why not sell him when we could have gotten a better price. With all the hipe around Theo , he should have fetched £10-15 million this last summer but it seems selling him this window will mean a lower price and letting his contract run down seems rather dumb. But then again in terms of competitiveness I guess whether we get £0 for him now or £15 million last summer would make no difference to us but only to the balance sheet of the owner.

    • The problem is with Walcott is that he is agood player that has a great game now and then.

      I don't think he is our answer to replacing RVP nor is Giroud or anyone else come to think of it.

      And to be honest I don't care who plays that role or who we bring in but as long as they care about the club and we are honestly challenging for titles and trophies and with the current crop we don't have a chance.

      You are right, we are all quick to say lets get rid of this player or lets get rid of that player but in truth we wouldn't be saying it if these players delivered and on a regular basis, but the're not!

      Most supporters feel Walcott is good but not great, and they also feel that he is inconsistant, which he is, BUT they are more concerned if he goes who will replace him becuase over the last 8 years Wenger hasn't replaced like for like or improved on the players leaving and that's the problem.

      There is a decline in the quality of players, the quality in performances and now results, something will have to give sooner or later, either the spending or the management or the owners.

    • No problem Mar.

      If he stays, that's great. If he stays and keeps putting in performances that are up to current standards, even better.

      If it's the latter, then it doesn't matter if we pay him the £85k-£95k p/w

      As you say, this is yet another example of Wenger leaving it too long before committing. Flamini, Cesc, Nasri, RVP all walked away because they didn't get offered what they wanted, when the boss had control (mid contract).

    • No doubt Raider, Walcotts form at Arsenal has been patchy and he has been frustrating to watch. The guy has bags of talent but has seemingly never fulfilled his potential.

      However, what one has to remember is that it is wrong to judge a player when off form and lacking in confidence. I believe Walcotts time at Arsenal has been blighted by injury and also the shear weight of expectation on the lads shoulders has affected him at times.

      Confidence IS key to the performance of ANY player and ANY team.

      Can Walcott replace RVP? Can Giroud? Pedolski????

      That depends on what you mean by 'replace' surely? None of these are the same player as Van Persie, yet ALL have real quality IMO.

      Walcott,today, is looking more like the player i'm sure we all hoped he would be. He oozes confidence today.

      Giroud is only just settling into the team. Who knows what he will achieve in the future? He looks a good player to me. Time will tell if he is a 'great' player.

      Arsenal suffer greatly through lack of confidence and it has been this way for a number of years now. They lose confidence quicker, and find it slower to gain than any of the other team at the top of the english game.

      I truly believe Arsenal have great quality in the squad today and i have ALWAYS felt that has been the case with EVERY Arsenal team built by Wenger.

      What Arsenal need is a good injury free run, for the team to REALLY gel, find its feet, and for the confidence to build.

      We have a superb midfield IMO.

      Our defence is made up of GREAT defenders.

      Our strike force is brand spanking new.

      Give it time.

      This squad has great potential IMO.

    • Hit the the nail right on there dumb heads again Fab.... what a bunch of coconuts....

    • Nice to see Ducati Dicksplatt back again.


    • I don't disagree with you on the Arsenal having good players but the issue of late is that good players have great games on occasion but great players are more consistant and this is what the club is missing, great players and consistancy.

      If you look at the deadwood at Arsenal you will see that over a period of time these players have had great games that leads you to believe they have more great games in them, hence longer contracts and bigger wages.

      But most have flattered to deceive and hence the deadwood.

      I think Walcott is a very, very good player that on his day is superb but what we all want from him is consistancy and the same from the rest of the team.

      I look at Utd and City and watch their performances and to be honest I don't see a team that can't be beat as this season they are good at best, but they are still winning games.

      Even when they have an average game they still have the personnel to go up a gear and make a difference, whereas at Arsenal our key players are just not delivering when it matters.

      I don't think Wilshere will be at his best until after Xmas which leaves the burden of opening defences down to Cazorla.

      Like i said in previous posts, the club needs to get rid of under achievers and buy in top quality players even if it means paying over the odds!

      It costs more to play catch up then it does to maintain the status quo!