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  • At home, this has to be a win.

    Against a Swansea side that are playing well under Laudrup?

    It wont be as easy as many think.

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    • For once I have to admit thats an astute point made by Layla, it seems Pixie really does have his stupid little head in the sand!

    • "Patience is a virtue Arsenal fans."

      Yes Arsenal fans, come on, it's only been EIGHT years, and some of your top players have been injured for most of that time.

      If you haven't won anything by 2020 you'll have something to moan about, until then you should believe everything you're told without question .... Fab KNOWS!

    • I'm not making excuses. I'm telling you how it is.

      You tell me i'm cracking jokes, and then go on to say Spurs have a better squad!!!

      This team IS full of great players.

      I didn't say Arsenal 'can't cope' with injuries. I didn't say Arsenal can't cope with pressure either.

      What i will say, and have said before, is that Arsenal suffer from a lack of confidence, and in past seasons they have found that confidence hard to build and all too easily lost.

      Judge this team when confident and actually used to playing together, rather than unconfident and wholly unused to playing together.

      A confident Arsenal are a match for ANY team.


    • The reason the team are stuttering is quite simply down to the fact they are wholly unused to playing with each other, this and their confidence takes a pounding every time they hear their so called 'support' deriding them from the stands.

      Just take some time to ponder how long the players have actually been playing together!!!

      Bugger all wrong with the manager and bugger all wrong with 99% of the playing staff.

    • "CRAMMED FULL OF GREAT PLAYERS",that`s the best joke I`ve heard all week. Once again you come out with excuse after excuse for a squad that is paper thin compared with the top teams in the premiership. And its not all down to money. Spurs for instance have a better squad than Arsenal.. As for injuries, having the depth to cover for absent players is what squads are for and the fact that Arsenal can`t cope just reveals how poor their backup players are. Finally great players cope with pressure, indeed the very best thrive on it. So if Arsenal players are struggling to cope with the pressure of staying in the top 4 it doesn`t say much for their ability to deal with the demands of competing for trophies.

    • "This squad is CRAMMED FULL of GREAT players. "

      if thats true, then wenger is doing an awful job!

      all those great players & best he can do is get 4th.

      u cant have it both ways fab. if thats true than the manager is letting u down.

    • Its funny that Wenger was criticising Platini for wanting to increase CL places to 64!.. I hope he doesn't come back to eat some humble pie

      I seriously believe we will struggle to even get in to the europa league places this season...I hope I am wrong

      For Schalke Fulham and swansea to come to the emirates and outplay us is hard to take..

      But then I can only really remember 2 games in all competition where we were worth our money Southampton at home and Liverpool away...

      You know I am hurting but not quite because deep down I feel we do really deserve to be where we are!..

      You know a few years ago we used to whine about how everyone hated us ...''they don't like it up em'' ...we don't have that excuse now sadly ...I really wish we could blame it on the referee the press... the FA ....or even managers like Fat Sam or the pug Pulis etc...

      The BSM can march all they want the only thing that will get a response from them is bum off the seats..

      I for one will not be renewing my seasons ticket next season.....

    • Doesn't seem to be an easy game home or away for many top clubs in recent seasons. Even the new boys are taking some scalps, which in many ways is a good thing