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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Dec 4, 2012 14:00 Flag

    Stewart Robson on THE PRUNE.....

    Look away now Wenger SHEEP and other imbeciles!

    “I would have sacked him four years ago but I’m in the minority. Arsenal football club need a new manager and they need it soon.”

    “He doesn’t have the tactical understanding, his manner on the side of the pitch doesn’t help the team, he’s petulant and therefore his players become petulant, he doesn’t give any information from the sidelines and his teams look under prepared defensively.

    “I wrote that article five years and nothing has changed my mind since. In fact my views on Arsene Wenger are even stronger now than they were then. There’s still 50% of the fans which will say what a good job he is doing, and we must trust in Arsene Wenger, but I just don’t see it.”

    “Arsenal still have good players,” he added. “If somebody got hold of them and taught them how to defend, had a solid game plan and worked hard on them then I still think Arsenal can still be a very, very good side."

    Harsh but of course spot on with the facts. Personally I wouldn't sack him so much as thank him for all his great work (f*cking decades ago), whilst 'recommending' he accepts a generous severance package and jogs the f*ck on to PSG (where he can continue to NOT spend millions available to him!)

    Never forget that I incredibly predicted this demise EIGHT years ago....to me (GENIUS), it was as predictable as your football!

    Le Professeur - OWNING you since 2004!!!


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