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  • John John Dec 6, 2012 14:08 Flag

    Article: The Good, The Bad & The Reality

    "Arsenal fans will not stomach the line about only making signings if it improves the squad. The squad is falling apart. There are many signings out there which can improve the squad."

    This is the key. AW has been saying for years now, that he will buy a player if he thinks it will improve the squad. It's been his excuse for years too.

    He doesn't have the luxury of that anymore. This squad is failing. Has failed. Has not won anything.

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    • And how would he explain buys such as Squil, Chamakh if you can count him, Santos, Park, Gervinho etc etc. Did they really improve the squad???????? Wenger just talks crap all the time, he never says what he really thinks or means and to me that equates to intentional misleading or dishonesty.

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      • Interesting selection Mar.

        I think we all know that Santos, Mertesacker and Arteta were emergency buys when Nasri & Cesc went.

        Gervinho was an early transfer signing, and he's not that great. Certainly not £10m great.

        Squilacci was only £3m, but he came in because we let Gallas and Silvestre go. Gallas for all his shenanigans, is still better than Squilacci.

        Chamakh was a freebie, but even that's proving to be costly based on his £50k p/w salary.