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  • Ms. Jack Jacob Baldy Dodge VD Ms. Jack Jacob Baldy Dodge VD Dec 7, 2012 02:08 Flag

    Bob Wilson speaks.....

    Pixie reminds me of a guy in London who used my local pub, his name was Bernie.

    Bernie thought he could play the trumpet.

    When we'd have a new band playing at the pub we'd ask them if Bernie could do a number with them, they always agreed.

    To see their faces when they realised Bernie could do no more than make a horrible screeching sound was classic!

    They usually played along though, especially when they realised that Bernie seriously believed the cheering was because he was really good, and they would end with, "Give Bernie a big hand".

    "You pretend to 'ignore' me because i rip your posts apart, time and time again."

    Give Pixie a big hand!