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  • Getting top four for ages, while spending less net than practically every other team in the league is amazing Wenger can be rightly proud of that stat, which yes proves he knows more than many give him credit for.
    However, right now with the January transfer window coming he could improve the team with the money, which is clearly available to him.
    If he refuses to do so once again, let's find someone who will.
    To be honest, I understand the enjoyment Utd, Chelsea and City fans get out of Arsenal's self-inflicted troubles, but really we are not financially uncomparable. The new financial rules should have closed the gap with the flush three. Yes their spending is being tempered, however we continue to pile up transfer profits, property profits, improved ticket revenue and now improved commericial deals. All to the tune of 150 million plus in the bank. Surely that rainy day is fast approaching in January, when Wenger dusts of his wallet and splashes the cash!!!