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  • And there was me thinking it was going to be down to stuttering Chelsea to prevent Arsenal winning their first trophy since tyrannosaurs ruled the earth.

    I needn't have worried.


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    • A full first team too, you'd have thunk he'd have put out a second team at least, it shows how desperate Wenger is to win SOMETHING, anything, and how unlikely that is whilst he's the manager.

      No wonder slayer has abandoned Arsenal.

    • It was the pitch!

      Wenger called it first!

      Fvkin idiot.


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      • What gets me is Wenger saying he wasn't embarrassed by the result. Why not? It was an absolute disgrace and a real low point in Arsenal's recent history, especially given the team he put out.

        Still, Pixie will back him being a staunch AKB. Baaaaaaaaaa.

      • Yes, apparently the pitch was slippery. When I was a kid we used to get these things called studs which screwed into the bottom of the boots and helped stop you sliding on wet grass and mud. Shall I send some to Wenger for him to investigate?

        I suppose we'll have to go and win it now.


      • no mention of last nights result then pixie?

        if that had been against Utd or Spuds you'd have been all over their boards sp*nking posts left right and centre for days on end!!

        so whats your verdict? Injuries? playing your youth team? are you going to climb into Wengers ar*e and blame the pitch?

        I bet you're glad you support Palace now LMFAO



        much love now, much love

    • not a disgrace pixie?

      Its a good job you dont support Farcenal then as all true gooners are feeling mighty ashamed of that disgraceful result.

      tell us again not to 'over react' and how its all 'just a game' and then explain WHY you get up at 6am and log straight into here?

      talk about OVER REACT to nothing more than a silly game!!!!!!!!!



      one is most amused I tell thee

    • Getting top four for ages, while spending less net than practically every other team in the league is amazing Wenger can be rightly proud of that stat, which yes proves he knows more than many give him credit for.
      However, right now with the January transfer window coming he could improve the team with the money, which is clearly available to him.
      If he refuses to do so once again, let's find someone who will.
      To be honest, I understand the enjoyment Utd, Chelsea and City fans get out of Arsenal's self-inflicted troubles, but really we are not financially uncomparable. The new financial rules should have closed the gap with the flush three. Yes their spending is being tempered, however we continue to pile up transfer profits, property profits, improved ticket revenue and now improved commericial deals. All to the tune of 150 million plus in the bank. Surely that rainy day is fast approaching in January, when Wenger dusts of his wallet and splashes the cash!!!