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  • AndyPandy AndyPandy Dec 13, 2012 11:23 Flag

    150 million in the bank...

    By the way that is nothing to do with the recent sponsorship deal. Just money in the bank. In January we will see if Wenger and the club have ambition, which means spending money on better players. Or whether that turns out to be hot air again from Wenger and the board. I will give Wenger until the end of January, but if we don't spend at least 20 million plus any money from sales. I will finally have lost patience with Wenger. I can't support a manager that window after window, won't use the money AVAILABLE to improve the squad. Wenger please give Arsenal and yourself a fighting chance.

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    • I guess thats him 'fingered' then???

    • I hear the medical profession has had to announce a new condition due to Rikkys antics.

      They call it....... 'Rating fingeritis'!


    • Fab. You can always tell when its the piss artist rikki altree. How? They all have 4 stars before anyone has even answered. Add to that the fact that he never says anything different. Its always 'pixie' or 'gillian' or 'ducati' and 'hic' etc. as if thats supposed to mean anything other than a weak attempt to upset. When in fact it does the reverse, and as you say we PMSL!!!! at their dumb posts. Watch the come back on this, and see if it isn't a fact they cant deny.

    • Writes the poster who likes to think he is Eric Cantona (FREAK!).

      I won't even argue why it is my view is correct Eric.

      I mean......only a fool would argue with the guy who FAMOUSLY blurted 'VAN PERSIE is NOT WORLD CLASS!'.



    • Seems like someone has got the local board B!TCHES riled!!

      What's the matter GIRLS???

      The Fab truth HURTING YOU!!!



    • '''You, Rikky, were on these boards trying to bully 'Slayer' for YEARS before i showed up and began to rip you a new one, as well you know. Same goes for 'John' and Christopher and Eric and Ian etc. You're just a bunch of bully boys'''


      yep you're just one big bully boy john PMSL

      careful now or pixie will 'black your eyes' or if you're really unfortunate he'll 'tear you a new one'


    • Bully's?

      Who's pixie accusing of being a bully?

      That's a laugh.

      If he's accusing me, even funnier as I don't even acknowledge him directly.

    • do you remember your very first posts on these boards pixie?

      some people have long memories and you were a NUMBER ONE CNUT from your very FIRST post. Its been a privilege and a pleasure to give you a bl**dy nose at every opportunity. your instant and desperate responses are a constant reminder of how much I get up your nose (and Im not even Butch hehehehehe)

      go figure?

      sadly you never matured like most who get this place wrong on their first visit. You are still as bad as day one. pathetic really when you think about it eh?

      as for bully boys how are you and the geordie getting along over on the manc board?

      much love now, MUCH LOVE

    • "before i showed up and began to rip you a new one"

      You have never ripped ANYONE a 'new one', as you put it.

      You're a figure of fun on here, with some of the biggest cock-ups this board has seen, remember how Phibbers, your local, was next to Holloway Road station, on the corner, with a side entrance?

      Remember the Ebay fun we had with you? The SMALL pink shirt, the GAY jacket and the dickie-bow?

      The reason you insult everyone here, including your own supporters, is because you're SMALL, it's the 'little man syndrome', this is the only place you can stand up and insult people, because they can't get to you.

      I wonder if you would still spout your racist crap to Chris and Derek to the face?

      Of course not!

    • "I go out of my way to ask some footballing questions and you cannot resist a personal attack on someone who responds with footballing answers! WHY?"

      If you want to know WHY, go and look on the United board, maybe you can point out a single post from Pixie that has anything to do with football.

      Why should his posts on this board be sacrosanct?

      If he wants to treat the United board as his personal platform to insult everyone and everything, he, and you, should expect the repercussions on here.

      This is not a personal attack on you Joe, but you need to see the bigger picture.

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