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  • Piggy Piggy Dec 14, 2012 15:27 Flag

    150 million in the bank...

    have you ever bothered to read any of fabs posts on the Utd board?

    If he wants to give it, he's also got to take it.

    If after familiarising yourself with the way pixie handles himself you still want to be his chum, well its a free world.

    BUT dont deceive yourself into thinking this is a football forum for football fans though. The likes of pixie and slayer (engine or Jee Roo you call him) put paid to that years ago.

    In fact pixie was despised on the spuds board long before you came along. Perhaps you ought to spend some time finding out why.

    Me? I'll just carry on playing him at his own game and having my fun until I see fit (or until these boards close for good)

    much love