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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Dec 13, 2012 14:31 Flag

    'TORQUAY Are Better than Francenal'....

    Gary Jones claims League Two opponents Torquay gave Bradford City a much tougher game than Arsenal in Tuesday night's Capital One Cup triumph.

    Jones said: "I think Torquay gave us a tougher game. The lads were unbelievable.

    "It was like a role reversal, because Torquay defended really well against us, whereas it was us defending really well against Arsenal.

    "It was one of those nights when you just had to be here to witness it.

    "Without a shadow of a doubt Arsenal should be embarrassed. No disrespect to us and our lads, but they should be beating Bradford City.

    "Did it surprise me how poor they were? I think it did, yes. We were surprised how comfortable we were at times.

    "When we saw their team sheet we couldn't believe it. Assistant manager Steve Parkin wrote their side down and at the bottom he wrote 'poor team' with an exclamation mark!

    "I thought they would have a lot of youth players and a bit of experience but nothing like that turned up.

    "They came here and it was probably the best chance of a trophy they'll have this year.

    "But they didn't really have too many shots on goal. They tried to play too much football at times, especially down the middle."


    Season over in December! We should start taking bets on next seasons early finish!