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  • Jacks Jacks Dec 14, 2012 23:14 Flag

    For The Blinkered Plicks on Here..

    Never ceases to amaze me how blinkered the posters like Jock The Baptist, Drymartini, Ericthecuntano, and that piece of bile Rikki, and some others, are. They refuse to accept(or simply cannot accept) that Arsene Wenger had his team, that he created, taken from him by the unprincipled, money mongering bastards, like the Arabs and the Russians, who had not the ability or know how, to build their own teams(or buy someone to build a team for them), as Wenger has. No, they would rather buy the 'loyalty' of such players as Nasri, Toure, Clichy, Cole, Adeboy, etc. etc.; and we wont mention Fabregas, Henry, etc. The fact that Wenger hadn't the buying power of the unscrupulous, meant his hand were tied, But this truth is never factored in when the bitches moan about him. That there was literally nothing he could do about players who only saw the pounds sign in their eyes, never seems to register in their dull brains. The last shameful episode of misplaced loyalty, comes in the shape of a Dutch plick called Persie. Players who love their club like Gerrard and Terry, and Lampard to name but a few(and lets please not forget The Invincibles, and many other household names I could mention), stick with their club, and dont use the lame excuse about 'we want to win silver wear' to cover their greed for money. A fat lot of good that old chesnut has done the City defectors or MU for that matter.. But of course all of this doesn't amount to a hill of beans to the anti AW twats on here. But rest assured it does matter to others with true Arsenal blood in their veins. Meanwhile the bullshit piles up so high on here, you need wings to stay above it. And I have the best in Boeing.

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