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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Dec 17, 2012 21:57 Flag

    5th in the Prem....

    ...players showing their REAL quality.

    Face it kids...

    that Fabongrass......


    Much SMUG love.

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    • .players showing their REAL quality against the bottom team!!

      Oh, and you forgot to add, only FIFTEEN points adrift!!

    • Seems to me it's you doing all the SQUIRMING Eric and the 'taking things out of context'.

      Quoting Wikipedia figures doesn't paint the whole picture i'm afraid dear boy.

      Gervinho is playing alongside a 'brand new' midfield.A midfield unused to playing together. A midfield largelymade up of new players (Cazorla, Podolski) and players returned from long injury (Wilshere).And a midfiield playing a different system, what with Song having left. Add to that the fact that Gibbs is only just returned at LB and Giroud is new upfront and i don't think it's too taxing to realise why it is correct to summise that Gervinho is indeed ...STILL bedding in (like many others). Whose the clown Coco????

      'God knows why you keep dragging Van Persie in to everything. '

      SIMPLES....you argued the toss about Van Persie in much the same manner that you are doing now with all things Arsenal (what a HATER you are!!! PMSL), and lookie how that egg drips off thy ragged old face!

      What was that about 'numpty'?



    • Are you honestly trying to convey that you use the power of thought?


      SAD OLD ...........................................