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  • I guess the points made Fab. There really was no come back from that. But good old Baptist, true to form, twists it his way. He's learned a lot from his twisted sister Rikki The Tea Leaf, Do you remeber when he (John)used to be so condescending and polite on here. Now we have a ranting fool, obsessed with making himself even more of a fool. with vague references to football that a simpleton couldn't understand. I tell you, you never know what he's shovelling on here. Next, we know whats coming,.. 'pixie' 'dork' 'ducati' gillian' and then up pops nerdy swervy, with his limited take on things, or up cherps Leg end, eric the seagull, rikki et al his ID's with his version of events and off subject(especially football. Which he knows nothing about). Its priceless, and easy to second guess them everytime.. I couldn't imagine having them in my ear at the ground or pub, it would be a nightmare trying to lose them. You'd have to hit them, to get any sense out of them.

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