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  • Raider Raider Dec 21, 2012 12:08 Flag

    5.2 million a year plus bonuses

    Is Arsen thinking to himself, is Walcott worth a 21 million pound 4 year contract plus bonuses OR is he thinking he can buy a better player at around 12 million and pay half the salary and also get a better return from the player?

    When players are moved on we only miss them if the replacement doesn't do as good or better and that's the truth of the matter.

    I would like to see Walcott pen a new deal but if he doesn't then I wont loose sleep over it, however, that's providing a suitable replacement is bought to cover the loss.

    Over the last 7 seasons Arsenal have found it hard to do just that and this is my biggest worry.

    It's time for Arsen and the board to grow some and either pay the man the 100k a week OR buy someone better then him and sell him on.

    Dont forget, if they do sell him on and get around 12 - 15 million for him then add that to the 21 million he would have cost the club over the 4 year period and we are looking at a lot of money to play with when recruiting a replacement.

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    • What I have read is that the original wage offer was around £75k p/w, against a demand of £95k p/w.

      Now it appear that Wenger has increased his offer to £85k p/w this week.

      If he builds in a £10k bonus based on goals, I would be very happy with Walcott staying.

      Of course, I am not the manager, nor do I have any proof of what has been going on in negotiations. Before the numptys start.It is pure speculation and conjecture mixed with amateur guess work.

      But don't let that stop your fun eh.