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    Sagna - Kos - Verm - Gibbs

    Wilshere - Cazorla - Arteta

    Ox - Walcott - Podolski

    We know the Toon can score. We know they also let them in....The question is, can Walcott step it up a gear?

    One sure thing. Pardew will get his knickers in a twist at some point and Wenger will react.

    You know it makes sense.

    Arsenal 3 - 1 Newcastle

    We need it.

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    • 'Accept that I have explained myself and move on. '



    • Some kind of infantile humour?

      You're seriously trying to get the moral high ground by claiming you don't understand my posts and that they contain humour?

      ha ha ha

    • Not that old chestnut again......

      You have no argument.

      Accept that I have explained myself and move on.

    • Answering your own posts now John. How desperate can one get on here. Must be loneliness.

    • Well yes, you would say that wouldn't John? Not only blinding them, but trying also to fooling them with some kind of infantile humour. Nobody's laughing though John. Only you; at yourself.

    • Blind them with words!?

      Perhaps that's why some people don't understand my posts. I made the mistake of using words! lol

      Fucking priceless. You're as stupid as Pixie.

    • Well, you would say all that, wouldn't you John?
      What other defence is there, but 'Blind them' with Words'.....blah blah blah!!????

    • Oh how one CHORTLES or, as John might, let out a loud GUFFAW!

      On Wenger:

      'I never bullied Slayer CONSTANTLY and called him a sheep and certainly never wanted Wenger sacked....i just wrote that opinion and SLATED any pro-Wenger posted to wind them up, with my glory supporting bum chums......HONEST!!!'

      'I actually think Wenger is great but can perhaps improve a little, if not, then find him a really really nice retirement package and let him choose the next man at the helm (should be Fab if i were to be honest!)'

      Certianly NOT 'SACK HIM!' oh be jesus oh mother of Marys!


      'The last few seasons my new pin up Walcott had stalled on his development (when he was perchance injured JT?) so much so that MANY (erm....that would be all the glory supporting Manks that frequent this board + Marintii(that strange dutch thing)+ Derek(that even STRANGER you know what)+Ian Wright, Alan Hansen, The Sun and The Daily Mail) thought Walcott wouldn't get any better (so much so that it was seemingly OK for JT here and his cohorts to SPIT BILE at any pro-Walcott poster on this board).

      I said Walcott wasn't worth the money (LOUDLY!) but now that he has started to realise the potential that all the former 'sheep' were bleating about i really REALLY feel the need to tell you that i always thought he should be playing through the middle and certainly NOT shipped off to Accrington Stanley ASAP as me and my b!tches suggested, day in, day out, for YEARS whilst doing our best to bully anyone who dissagreed and getting AWFULLY PEEVED should they dare return a HARD SLAP to my balding bonce.

      This is not the first time i have offered an opinion and made sure i have chucked in a derogatory remark about the more pro-Wenger/Walcott posters on here and whined on that they never offer an opinion when it suited me, once they began acting in much the same manner as me and my little mates were acting towards them, in retalliation.

      I endeth on my usual slating of Fabongrass (Slayer has f*cked off) and once again try to convince myself that he really IS thick as sh!t........even if he was correct on Wenger and Walcott......all along.'

      Much love!

    • I will give you one reply to end all replies:

      On Wenger:

      I told Slayer this ages ago, but some people chose to ignore it. Well here it is again. I never said I wanted Wenger sacked. I only suggested that if he felt he could not do anymore to help the team, he should retire or move on. When some people reacted badly to this, I put up the Taxi for Wenger avatar to wind them up, which it did. So much so that they still go on about it now.

      I still feel that if Wenger cannot improve, he should own up. If he can't because the board wont support him in spending what he needs to, then he should own up. Instead we have had to put up excuse after excuse these last few years.

      Wenger isn't suddenly a crap manager. It may be that he has run out of ideas. In that case, he should move on and let someone else have a go.

      Not SACK HIM!

      On Walcott:

      For the last few seasons he has stalled in his development. So much so, that many (not just me) thought he wouldn't get any better.

      I said at the end of last season, when he first made the demand for the wage rise, that he wasn't worth it. At that time it was pretty much universally agreed that as a winger, he was not the finished article by any stretch. I said at the beginning of this season, that he should be given a chance in the middle and prove himself and if he did fair enough.

      It would appear that he has proven himself to be a useful striker. It's early days, but I have changed my mind in terms of his value. Shock horror, I know! But get this. I suggested he be played in the middle and hey presto. It happened. I suggested that if he proves himself, then he should be paid and hey presto again.

      It's not the first time I have been wrong on something, but at least I offer a fucking opinion, unlike some twats around here.

      So there you have it. Like it or lump it, but just shut the fuck up about it now. It's boring. The only person still fixated with it is probably pixie and he doesn't have the brain cells to absorb it.

    • But thats what you always say John.....isn't it??
      To your mind, everytime you get caught out, you cry the same thing. ..." Oh! he's looking for attention blah blah blah! "

      Isn't that YOU looking for attention. Or are you just trying to blind everyone into forgetting that it was you (as Fab always points out) that cried the loudest on here "TAXI FOR WENGER"
      or " WALCOTTS NOT WORTH THE MONEY". and on and on and on. Get it straight John for once in your life , and be honest with folks, instead trying to cover your well ragged a..se all the time.

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