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  • Raider Raider Jan 2, 2013 15:24 Flag

    It wasn't Wenger on the pitch against Soton

    You can blame Wenger for a hell of a lot of things but you can't blame him for the s.h.i.t.e we played against Soton.

    Players of this level should put in a shift everytime they put the jersey on but against Soton we was crap of the highest order.

    The players have got to start being accountable for their performances and Wenger needs to be more ruthless and less supportive of the players that don't give 100%

    Old red nose would be spitting feathers and the team would know about it if Utd put in a shift like we did, but the difference is, Utd have better bench players then us so until we have a stronger squad to threaten first team players positions these players will take their starting spot as a given.

    I'm a Gooner to the bone and a supporter of Wenger but unless something is done immediately and I don't mean next season, I mean right now, I see us fighting it out for 6th and 7th spot at best, and that bloody hurts!

    Wenger needs to become a nasty bit of work and put the club first instead of the board and share holders!

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    • I agree 100%, big failure by Wenger to mentally prepare the squad and by failing to create a squad deep enough to at least fain the appearance of competition for places.

      If you take Carzorla of you might as well give Rosicky some minutes. Rosicky, as a midfield player, has more creative ability than Ramsey.

      Sagna should have been taken of at half time IMO.

    • You have to remember this is a brand new team that hasn't played together before even though the majority of the team has been there for over 18 months.

      And Gervinwho is still bedding in; after all he's only made 50 appearances.

      And you've had injuries; no other team has that.

      Smug Fab knows best.


    • I don't think for one minute that Wenger puts the board and shareholders before club. I also can't imagine that he merely pats players softly before whispering in their ears in a bid to cajole them into playing with more effort after a crap performance.

      I do agree that a lot of blame has to be put on the shoulders of the players when they turn in a performance of such a low quality but also think that it is not so black and white and so easy to up your game as a team.

      They probably went into the game believing a win was a given. Classic mistake and most frustrating for the fans.

      United can also turn in a poor performance, Fergie spittle or not.

      The players assembled are quality.

      They need to show consistency.

      One or two more quality additions would be welcomed i'm sure . Just a minor tinkering. No overhaul.