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  • Govinda Govinda Jan 3, 2013 09:33 Flag

    We are too slow in the transfer market

    Liverpool already signed Sturridge from Chelsea and clearly were ready to do business as soon as the transfer window opened.

    It seems however that we always wait to the last moment to get our business done. This waists a lot of potential time to adjust for new players to our club and our ways.

    Our needs for reinforcements have been obvious since the beginning of the season there seems little excuse not to have anything lined up.

    We have many important games coming up the sooner we bring in reinforcements to better.

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    • Hmmmmmmm..........and just when were the transfers of summer last completed? Early, or late on????

      It's only the 3rd day of January.....and Marintii is whining and Wenger bashing....again.

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      • IMO Wenger can no longer motivate the players.

        The performance against Southampton was abysmal and what concerned me more than anything was the fact that none of the Arsenal players seemed interested for most of the game - no closing down, no urgency.

        It's fine for Wenger to criticise the lack of performance, but the second half was a mirror image of the first half - so much for the half time rollicking !!

      • Will the transfer talk finally result in a couple of quality signings?
        Each time we are let down trust is deminished. By the way that would be three is Walcott goes. Personally, I think quality signings is the best way to keep Walcott at The Arsenal.

    • I think the team is missing leaders, someone to give a rollicking out and take the team by the scruff of the neck and motivate.

      We deffo need a midfield enforcer to boss the park (a viera type player) and full back cover.

      Would love to see Baines come in (wont happen) Isco, (wont happen) Lopez, (maybe) and a brute of a holding midfielder! (doubtful).

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      • I agree with your assessment. Baines would be great but, like you say, not likely to be let go by Everton.

        It's a pity we did not sign Ba who at £7.5 mill and PL proven would have been a low risk signing.

        In terms of the midfield enforcer maybe we should take a gamble on M'villa.

        I think most of all we lack width in our team. When Theo plays in the middle we don't have any real wide players and service to our strikers seems to dry up.

        Podolski tries but is neither a Bale or a Young and Ox seems to go through a period of struggle which might be normal for a young player or perhaps because his natural role is more in the middle. I would have loved for us to sign Sturridge.

        Until we can pose a real threat on the flanks, game after game, we will struggle to create chances.

        Lampard would be a great signing as well IMHO (but he would rather retire).

      • 'I think the team is missing leaders, someone to give a rollicking out and take the team by the scruff of the neck and motivate.'

        I would second that.

        An Adams/Vieria, fist shaking, swearing, driving the team on type of player is something the team lacks and could perhaps benefit from. A player that would grab the likes of Arshavin around the throat and scare the f*cking life out of him into actually performing for his vast wage.

        I was hoping Bouldy may have secretly dished out a headbutt behind Wengers back.