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  • Roger E Roger E Jan 3, 2013 20:50 Flag

    We are too slow in the transfer market

    IMO Wenger can no longer motivate the players.

    The performance against Southampton was abysmal and what concerned me more than anything was the fact that none of the Arsenal players seemed interested for most of the game - no closing down, no urgency.

    It's fine for Wenger to criticise the lack of performance, but the second half was a mirror image of the first half - so much for the half time rollicking !!

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    • What you say is true. Wenger himself even conceded he didn't think the poor performance was because players were tired but that it was a mental issue. For me a mental issue rests all on him. How many managers would have accepted that first half performance and not read there squad the riot act at half time?

      It is true that Chelsea had a chock defeat at the hand of QPR but from what I saw of that game they created chances and looked to try to win the game and could have won the game (not taking anything a away from QPR). We never looked like winning or trying to win against Southhampton. We just lack the winners mentality.

      We used to have a squad full of winners, players that would even want to win a game of scabble or ping pong at all cost, players that wanted to win no matter what they were paid, once they put the shirt on and stepped on the pitch losing wasn't an option.

      Now we have a group of players that can't show up every game, that can't charge themselves week in week out, players that have been receiving praise for playing pretty whilst losing, players that see their manager always making excuses for losing. Blaming the pitch, the ref, the schedule etc etc.

      When is the last time you heard Wenger say "this loss is on me, it's all on me, the players weren't prepared and that is my fault"?