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  • Jacks Jacks Jan 4, 2013 17:21 Flag

    January Leavers & Joiners

    A CB!! What about Ethal(lethal) Bluntstone? he rates higher than any you mention. He's been knocking them down, and hoofing them in for the opposition, regular as clockwork. Figures show that he is up there with the best og scorer's, and a record of broken legs delivered, that would make Nobby Stiles, and Stokes' Shawcross, blush with embarrasment, yet not a mention of him anywhere!! Why, I ask??? He just the man we need, and to hell with this namsy pansy, tiptoe round the opposition, football. Get stuck into them!!! Break a few heads, and flatten a few noses like the rugby boys. That usually brings the opposition down to a level that can be handled.. Take a lesson from Pulis. He knows.