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  • Roger E Roger E Jan 4, 2013 22:28 Flag

    When and how do we stop the rot?

    It must be clear to all genuine Arsenal supporters that we have been gradually sliding backwards for a number of years, and are now in imminent danger of falling into oblivion. What do I mean by that?:

    Fans must realise that dropping out of the top four has serious repercussions. Not only do we lose the finance that Champions League football brings; there's also the real risk that top players (not that we've actually tried to sign any in recent years - see later) won't be attracted to a club that can't offer CL football or top wages.

    Our transfer policy has been demoralising for some time now; we have been letting top quality players go for a number of seasons now and replacing them with cheap, average-at-best players who, not only can't produce the quality of football that we've grown to expect, but also don't show the fire, passion and commitment needed to produce consistent results. They just don't look motivated or, if you like, bullied into producing their all for the club.

    I fear it may be too late already to resurrect this season, but changes to staff and/or policy need to be made sooner rather than later if we are to avoid becoming a mid-table team.

    Say what you like about this post, but it has been generated from a Gooner who has been passionate about his club for most of his life and who now fears that inaction might have devastating effects.

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    • That's funny. I don't think any self respecting Arsenal fan would get in a debate about how many times they have been to Arsenal games. In fact I can't even remember. But I'm glad I don't have season tickets. And to all those fans who moan about Wenger whilst having season tickets I would suggest this club is not going to make any changes in its downward spiral until the fans stop showing up in an organized revolt.

      The average career of a PL player is 8 years, Wenger has now effectively destroyed one generation of players by not winning a serious trophy for 8 years. Which rebuilding strategy can include the destruction of an entire generation of players?

    • Gillian has never been near the Emirates Mar, but he's fond of claiming others haven't.

      He talks about Highbury and the North Bank as if it were yesterday, instead of 30 years ago, the last time he was in London.

    • Ah, a bit of control freak as well, aren't you? Maybe you should just write my posts for me so you will like them better.

    • Dont skim through peoples posts and pick out the peices that suit you, and pretend that you didn't hear what I said, by trying to mock. That indicates the level of your own self righteousness, and the need to(very much in the Rikki Tea Leaf, and Baldy John mould))keep your own insignificant life going, at all, or anyone elses, cost. You fool nobody with your " pretend I've been and seen Arsenal at the Emirates so I know what I'm talking about". Because like both of them, you dont and haven't been anywhere. Oh BTW Rikki(I can rely on your input). Thanks for the 'Yank' thumbs up. So blindingly intelligent of a ten pound pommy pr..k.....living in nowhere land, with a bad dose of haemorrhoids, and blaming your bad life choice, on everyone but yourself.

    • The rot set in 5 years ago.

      For me the most likely way out is a new owner, an ambitious owner, maybe the Russian.

      Alternatively an ambitious manager. Lot's of managers press their board for funds to strengthen the squad but Wenger doesn't because he considers himself more of accountant than responcible for trophies.

      Don't hold your breath.

      • 1 Reply to Govinda
      • One can only chuckle at the ill informed, twisted viewpoints relayed in this thread.

        Otherwise one might cry genuine tears.

        Seriously, you two,in recent years have been calling for the sale of Van Persie (due to injuries he once sustained), the sale of Walcott (because he had no footballing brain) and the sacking of Wenger.Only to have those views to be proven plain DAFT over the course of time.

        I would say one of the biggest negatives that has affected the clubs performance in recent years is the fact that self proclaimed 'real Arsenal fans' such as you two have been pouring scorn upon everything the club do at every opportunity and in so doing have helped to heap pressure on the players.

        F*cking Lpool fans wouldn't behave like the likes of you that's for sure.

        The tossers that boo from the stands at the Emirates want f*cking hanging.

        Get behind the club you morons.

        You may just find that with better support, the players may just find it easier to perform.

        Ask yourselves how you would feel in their boots, trying to play the game with 20,000 morons watching you (20,000 at the very most, luckily you ARE the minority and the rest of the Emirates faithfull have sense).

    • Blimey mate! Your desperatetly depressed. I'd have a word with my doctor if I was you. Perhaps he can stop the rot. More especially so, if the rot is internal. You cant go around like that for much longer thinking the world is against you and Arsenal, you'll have a breakdown if we go down to 5th. Have some herbal tea, and try to relax, because Wenger's still got a few surprises for you in the New Year,.that you may not be able to handle. Anyway I'm always here for more helpful advice if you need it. Chin up, and just whistle to yourself 'Always look on the bright side of life........' Believe me, it helps...