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  • Govinda Govinda Jan 5, 2013 08:36 Flag

    When and how do we stop the rot?

    The rot set in 5 years ago.

    For me the most likely way out is a new owner, an ambitious owner, maybe the Russian.

    Alternatively an ambitious manager. Lot's of managers press their board for funds to strengthen the squad but Wenger doesn't because he considers himself more of accountant than responcible for trophies.

    Don't hold your breath.

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    • One can only chuckle at the ill informed, twisted viewpoints relayed in this thread.

      Otherwise one might cry genuine tears.

      Seriously, you two,in recent years have been calling for the sale of Van Persie (due to injuries he once sustained), the sale of Walcott (because he had no footballing brain) and the sacking of Wenger.Only to have those views to be proven plain DAFT over the course of time.

      I would say one of the biggest negatives that has affected the clubs performance in recent years is the fact that self proclaimed 'real Arsenal fans' such as you two have been pouring scorn upon everything the club do at every opportunity and in so doing have helped to heap pressure on the players.

      F*cking Lpool fans wouldn't behave like the likes of you that's for sure.

      The tossers that boo from the stands at the Emirates want f*cking hanging.

      Get behind the club you morons.

      You may just find that with better support, the players may just find it easier to perform.

      Ask yourselves how you would feel in their boots, trying to play the game with 20,000 morons watching you (20,000 at the very most, luckily you ARE the minority and the rest of the Emirates faithfull have sense).