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  • Roger E Roger E Jan 4, 2013 22:30 Flag

    When and how do we stop the rot?

    It must be clear to all genuine Arsenal supporters that we have been gradually sliding backwards for a number of years, and are now in imminent danger of falling into oblivion. What do I mean by that?:

    Fans must realise that dropping out of the top four has serious repercussions. Not only do we lose the finance that Champions League football brings; there's also the real risk that top players (not that we've actually tried to sign any in recent years - see later) won't be attracted to a club that can't offer CL football or top wages.

    Our transfer policy has been demoralising for some time now; we have been letting top quality players go for a number of seasons now and replacing them with cheap, average-at-best players who, not only can't produce the quality of football that we've grown to expect, but also don't show the fire, passion and commitment needed to produce consistent results. They just don't look motivated or, if you like, bullied into producing their all for the club.

    I fear it may be too late already to resurrect this season, but changes to staff and/or policy need to be made sooner rather than later if we are to avoid becoming a mid-table team.

    Say what you like about this post, but it has been generated from a Gooner who has been passionate about his club for most of his life and who now fears that inaction might have devastating effects.

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