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  • Jacks Jacks Jan 12, 2013 09:20 Flag

    Down The Swan & Harp

    Well this post is racking up the mileage, like bringing the rats scuttling out of a burning ship. Oh! here's one. Gooner(with tripe). wondering stupidly, why he is not so popular on here, and Fab(on grass/nice one son) is. as he seems to rack up the star performance ratings just a 'tad'(well a whole lot) more than you 'tripey'. So thats my vote in, I guess its a thumbs down from you then????

    • Of course, getting support from you is akin to Paul Gadd giving a children's home the thumbs up. It's not exactly the support anyone would want to have in the first place.

      Nobody pays attention to the star rating. That became defunct years ago. What's the use when you and your chums go about rating with all your multiple ID's.