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  • Jacks Jacks Jan 7, 2013 20:34 Flag

    Down The Swan & Harp

    Excuse me you d...b f..ck, but what if anything do you know about man to man or zonal marking other than maybe in the Piccadilly underground toilets. Merts was on his man as he should have been, and only a clever flick over his head(which I would defy any central defender to allow for)made the goal chance. Our keeper should have saved it anyway. It was scuffed kick if you had bothered to reel back your dated & blurred 'VCR' goonertripe, or better still,to have been there, you would have seen this. But no, you've got to have your usual person of low esteem rant about it. STFU!!!

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    • "or better still,to have been there"

      Like you were, YANK?


      • 1 Reply to Ms. Jack Jacob Baldy Dodge VD
      • Oh dear a black ops special forces layabout, with an opnion! Remarkable how he has time for us on here, but does or says nothing about the catastrophic fires reeking havoc all around his country. Says just about everything about you nob head. You cant even afford to go to town, never mind OT or The Emirates.Might cut into your drink money......hic!!! A fool and his brain are easily parted, with drink. 'Come on'............lets be having you Altree. Give us your best quotes for the day. Still peeling oranges in your pocket while bumming a fag and a drink down your local. We've heard all about you Rikki. Little people in there own little world. Why dont you blacken up with a tin of boot polish and go down with the Abo's. You'll get a free drink there.....well maybe, given your freeloader rep.