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  • TheButchNemesis TheButchNemesis Jan 9, 2013 20:41 Flag

    Down The Swan & Harp

    Having a bit of a problem communicating are we ecker cuntona(sneeky rikki!!heehee!?) You seem out of sorts a little. Hows your grammar. Learn anything yet. Or did you get caught out? Well of course you did, because you never contradicted it, now did you. Just covered your skinny arse with banal nonsense. (look that up ecker, its in the dictionary under B)
    Lets be having a good grammatical reply this time ecker. Otherwise its getting boring and I really dont have that much time for you. Your a silly little pr..k by all accounts. But I cant say for sure if I could ever think I want to reply to you again. Its just a little tedious, and has absolutely no benefit to me. It does for you of course, you actually get to talk to someone of significant interest enough, to generate his own replies. Poop poop! old tart.