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    Buy now or Bye Bye!

    Sagna and Merts just aint cutting it at the moment so defenders need to be top of the shopping list, and as for the midfield, A lot has been spoken of a holding midfielder over the last 6 months and I tend to agree that this is a position we are lacking in.

    I also hear that Spuds are about to pick up Holtby for 1.6 million and the questions should be why are we not buying the boy at that price, even if he don't work out we can sell him on for a lot more!

    I do think it might be worth taking a chance on M'Vila at a cut down price 7.5 million which might inject some steel, that's providing he would stay on the pitch long enough, but what ever happens over the coming weeks, players need to be brought in, that's a given if we want to finish in the top 4.

    My Shopping List


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    • I agree with Lloris, we should have gone in for him.
      There are many players that have got through the net and at good prices, just look at Ba!

      There is also players like M'vila for 7 million which is a risk but a cheap one and also Llorente going on the cheap so there are bargains out there and Wenger needs to sell on quickly the deadwood and pay players that will contribute on the field.

      Wenger now needs to be ruthless and put the club and fans first and not the feelings of the players he backs.

    • To me it is still hard to understand we didn't go for Lloris, an other one that went to Spurs.

      Talking about Dutch players and PSV, Strootman would be a nice addition as well.

    • I am with you Mar on the need to get protection from midfield for our back four. Remember the inquisition that happened after a loss to Balckburn in Dec 1997. Tony Adams said the back four was not getting help from mid field. And we had Viera and Petit then as well as combattive Parlour. Now who do we have. We are trying to play Arteta as a defensive midfielder. Our reinforcement need to be in defense. M'Villa has physical presence. I do not know a thing about Biglia, so I cannot comment. But what is wrong with Coquelin that he cannot get ahead of a shit Ramsey? Has he pissed off Wenger? I would go for Shaw or Baines and a back up for Jenkinson. I do not see Sagna here next season. Another one who may have rubbed Wenger the wrong way. A dominant CB is a must too. Only after we have addressed our defensive frailties can we start adding attacking players. Even when we were shyte during the tail end of Graham's days, we are not bullied by anybody. As for goalies, Sketelenberg went for a paltry 6M and Hamdanovic did not cost much more either. Titon at PSV is way better than Scez.

    • I have agree on Diaby. I am pretty sure that if he had been able to be helthy all year that we would be higher up the table. As it stands all evidence points to a player who will more often than not be unavailable, something we can not afford with out thin squad.

      Personally I am an Arshavin fan however if we are going to continue to try to play him out of position on the flanks we might as well sell him.

      I think Carzorla is over used and at danger of fading badly over the second half of the season to avoid this from happening we should play either Rosicky or Arshavin in his role. Arshavin is probably the only other player we have who can match Carzorla's creativity when played in the middle on a free assignment with Rosicky not far behind. Ramsey is not that guy.

      M'vila and or Biglia are badly needed because as much as I like Arteta, if we take for granted the Wilshire-Carzorla combination, I would prefer a more physical presence to help these two smaller type players.

      Finaly we do need a keeper who can earn us some points and Szcsesny is not that keeper. I was very hopeful when he first came into the squad and his size, presence and confidence where a breath of fresh air after Fabianki but I have to say he seems to have rather slow reflexes and as result gets beaten (from outside the box) to easily and to often.

      We have never really managed to replace Lehman. All great teams have a good keeper. Last year perhaps the difference between ManU and City was Joe Hart, had Van der Sar still been with Man U I doubt City would have won the title.

    • Although I should be used to our poor management of the transfer window, it still frustrates me that clubs with less glaring needs like Chelsea and Liverpool have already done (part of?) their business whilst we seem to do our usual "let's wait until the last minute when it might too late".

      Both Chelsea and Pool have had the benefits of their quick actions, both Ba and Sturridge already contributed with goals for their new clubs. We could have used a Baines or any one from your list. The longer we wait the more chance of our potential targets going elsewhere and the less chance they get to make an impact this season.

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        Are any of these players mentioned above 'Super, super' players? I think not. Then Wenger won't buy any of them. My guess is that noone of any note will come in and Wenger will say no one that he wanted was available!!! As usual Wenger will use the distraction of Theo's contract as an excuse. BTW who was the player who 'headed' the corner into the dangerous area for Swansea's equalizer. Areteta? And where was the marking? I sincerely believe Bould or Brady can get better results than Wenger, at least these days. Why was Ramsey playing? Right off the bat, we are at a disadvantage...