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  • Ahmad K Ahmad K Jan 9, 2013 16:31 Flag

    Buy now or Bye Bye!

    I am with you Mar on the need to get protection from midfield for our back four. Remember the inquisition that happened after a loss to Balckburn in Dec 1997. Tony Adams said the back four was not getting help from mid field. And we had Viera and Petit then as well as combattive Parlour. Now who do we have. We are trying to play Arteta as a defensive midfielder. Our reinforcement need to be in defense. M'Villa has physical presence. I do not know a thing about Biglia, so I cannot comment. But what is wrong with Coquelin that he cannot get ahead of a shit Ramsey? Has he pissed off Wenger? I would go for Shaw or Baines and a back up for Jenkinson. I do not see Sagna here next season. Another one who may have rubbed Wenger the wrong way. A dominant CB is a must too. Only after we have addressed our defensive frailties can we start adding attacking players. Even when we were shyte during the tail end of Graham's days, we are not bullied by anybody. As for goalies, Sketelenberg went for a paltry 6M and Hamdanovic did not cost much more either. Titon at PSV is way better than Scez.